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Entry #1

Why I Left Newgrounds and Deleted All My Art

2013-07-19 18:53:13 by PixelLinked

Cheerymoya(also known as santashikaba and anabielsmessenger.tumblr.com) has been stalking and harassing me for over a year now. She has impersonated me, cyber bullied me, and sent me two death threats. The reason? I changed my art style.

It started after I had changed my art style. At the time, I was working on video games. My art had improved ten-fold because I was drawing more and I choose a new style that was more expressive. I was excited to show cheerymoya my art, someone who had been a friend and encouraged me to keep drawing. Her response:

"Change it back."

When I refused, she began attacking my tumblr. I was scared and left the account and tried to cut off all ties with her.

I made a Newgrounds account just to be terrorized again. How I knew it was her? She would comment about how she was harassing me on her blog.

After I realized that she had found me again, I abandoned the NewGrounds and made a tumblr. That's when I received the first death threat.

"Stop drawing and die."

This was on the 30th of January. I freaked out, deactivated the account, and stopped drawing.

In February, I got an e-mail on my middle school address saying that an old tumblr had gained a follower. The follower? Someone impersonating my art tumblr account. I immediately reported the account and thankfully it was deactivated. I should have known it wouldn't end that easily. A few hours later, I was watched by another tumblr. Another impersonation, this one listing my personal information including my full name, the state I live in, and the college I attend. Reported, deactivated. That's when they made a THIRD account impersonating me. That account was reported and deactivated as well.

I had stopped drawing completely until this past week. For the first time in months, I made a new deviantART and posted up some drawings. That's when I was watched by a strange user who had also joined that day. The only thing in "his" favorites? My art. The same thing happened to the new art tumblr I opened with the account.

Two days ago, my Etsy account gained a new follower. The same trend: no favorites except mine. That's when I received my second death threat, this one saying that she would order from me and track me down.

How can I be sure it came from cheerymoya? She posted about it in her blog.

Don't believe me, check my account for a link to a ZIP file with evidence of everything.

I'm done with this account and I'm afraid to keep drawing. I don't know what to do. She keeps finding me and I'm afraid. I've told my parents who got in touch with a lawyer but I'm sure nothing can be done legally. I just don't know what to do...


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2013-07-19 19:02:12

She's going to meet a .50 Action Express round.


2013-07-19 19:01:47

Maybe you ought to find someone who'll (figuratively) put her in her place or then some. (Preferably Wade Fulp or some other moderator.)

PixelLinked responds:

I've already talked to her sister who said that she talked to her parents. I've blocked and reported her on every site she's stalked me on. Nothing's changed. She just keeps finding me and harassing me.


2013-07-20 04:57:57

This really sounds like a job for law enforcement, wherever she lives. I'm surprised the lawyer didn't come up with anything immediately.... all these new anti-bullying laws, and still, this can go on? I'd think whichever internet site has her death threat to you on record, has the moral obligation to assist law enforcement.

Really sorry this malicious oddball found you, and hope this can be completely resolved to your ultimate satisfaction, very soon.